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Musical performances that celebrate you

urkish, Cypriot, Greek, Arabic, Asian, Persian and Kurdish  wedding music


The Zaffa wedding march procession of drums, percussion and Zurna.

Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish and Kosovan wedding music


Upbeat wedding parade with drums in union with brass instruments.

DJ and Percussion weddings and event music


Live percussion together with an exciting DJ set for all occasions.

Celebratory Davul Zurna / Violin

The essential traditional form of music played at the grand entrance of the bride and groom at their wedding reception venue.  May also be performed at the family home for the bridal departure. We offer a choice of Davul with Zurna or violin, or both. This service is highly popular with our Turkish, Cypriot and Greek wedding clients but also desirable with similar cultures.

Lively Zaffa marching drums

Zaffa brings together multiple drummers and Zurna for our signature sound familiar within cultural Middle East and European weddings.  A vibrant service always popular with our Turkish, Cypriot, Greek, Arabic, Asian, Persian and Kurdish couples.

Hybrid DJ and Percussion

We take the best tunes tailored to your audience and culture and combine them with live percussion for a refreshing memorable performance. Suitable for multiple events and settings,  we're often asked to combine this option with our other services.  

Dynamic Balkan parades

Our roaming parade act features distinct brass and drum rhythms to bring an upbeat carnival vibe to any celebration.  This style originates in the Balkan region of South-eastern Europe and is becoming more popular with other cultures. Highly recommended by our Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish and Kosovan customers.

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