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Terms of service

Ahenkli Musical Artists
Terms and conditions for Ahenkli Musical Artists

The following agreement is an integral part of this contract and no modification or variation is accepted without written consent by Ahenkli and the client. 

1. Your contract constitutes an order for music services on the date of the event as stated in your contract.

2. Communication: Ahenkli works solely and communicates directly with all it's clients. This has always been Ahenkli’s policy as we have always ensured that we meet the clients needs and where necessary tailor make our performances to suit the clients expectations/functions.

3. Ahenkli would like to advise our clients and future clients that bookings are not guaranteed without a full consultation with Ahenkli directly. Each booking made directly through Ahenkli ensures a confirmation in writing. 

4. Booking Ahenkli through third parties still requires a full consultation directly with Ahenkli in order to confirm your booking. 

5. Deposit: A booking can only be confirmed once the client has made the agreed deposit payment as advised by Ahenkli. All deposits should be paid within 48 hours of receipt of the contract. Upon receiving the clients deposit, Ahenkli shall reserve the service and date agreed herein. 

6. A signature/ email confirmation and/or a paid deposit is acceptance of Terms & Conditions for all named clients, which you have read and understood. 

7. If the client cancels at any time after a booking has become confirmed, deposits are non-refundable and non transferable. In addition, if the client cancels 4 weeks prior to their event, they will then be liable to pay the full remaining balance.

8. Payment: The total cost of the music service booking becomes due no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. Ahenkli reserves the right to request the full payment at any time between the booking and the event.

9. Music services will be at the musicians discretion and judgment of Ahenkli and will be agreed at the signing of the contract. Any requests for additional work following the agreement are liable to an additional agreed fee. 

10. Requested music on the day beyond detailed in your booking is charged at an additional rate. Any such payments are required to be settled prior to delivery of the final service. 

11. Changes to bookings: The client must notify Ahenkli of any changes to their contact details as listed on the contract prior to the date of the event.

12. Please be advised that booking of a particular service can only be changed up to four weeks following the initial booking. For example, if you have initially booked davul-zurna and then decide to change to davul-violin, you can only do so within 1 week of the initial booking (subject to availability). However, if you still wish to change services after the one week period, then your initial deposit will subsequently be lost. This is to ensure that the preferred musician has been booked and secured for your special day. Same terms and conditions apply to those who have initially booked a combination of both services (davul zurna and violin) and then decide to change to one service only.

13. Liability: Ahenkli makes every effort to produce quality music, but music quality can vary due to chosen locations, venues, poor sound conditions, weather and technical factors beyond reasonable control. 

14. All Davul Keman/Violin bookings require Ahenkli the use of the Bands or DJ's PA system (speaker system) in order to amplify the violin or any other instrument which requires to be plugged in electronically. Please ensure that  you seek permission from your music providers prior to your booking of this particular service. In the event that a deposit is paid and subsequently the music provider declines the use of their equipment, this will result in a deposit being lost.  Alternatively, Ahenkli can hire and provide a PA system (speaker system) which will incur an additional cost.

15. It is also the clients responsibility to ensure that your chosen venue does not have a sound restriction which will prevent Ahenkli from providing your chosen service. Venues have the discretion to alter their sound restrictions upon request from their clients, but ultimately they are bounded by their own terms and conditions. In light of this, Ahenkli in consultation with the client, reserves the right to either change the initial requested service to Davul Zurna if available or the client loosing their deposit.

16. Ahenkli limits its total liability for any failure, loss or damage to a maximum of the monies paid. 

17. Ahenkli reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if any of its team members are affected by contagious viruses, death, injury, serious illness or extreme weather restricting travel. In this scenario,  Ahenkli will inform the client as soon as possible using the contact details provided and offer a full refund of the payment/deposit made with no additional liability. Please note that if such a case was to occur, it  would be Ahenkli's mission to initially offer an alternative solution to the client before proceeding with a cancellation. A cancellation by Ahenkli would always be the last option and it would be based on unforeseen circumstances. Your statutory rights are not affected.

18. Ahenkli is not held liable for any travel disruptions (domestic/ international) which is outside of Ahenkli's control. This could be flight cancellations/ delays, major road closures, train strikes etc. Where possible, an alternative will be sought in the first instance (time permitting). However, if Ahenkli is unable to provide the agreed services then the client will lose any monies paid. It is highly recommended that clients take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover them for their event.

19. Marketing: Ahenkli promotes its services through the use of real life videos and photographs taken from each event. These are generally broadcasted on the Ahenkli website ( and on social media sites associated to Ahenkli. This a marketing tool which has suited all clients as it provides real life examples of work. It is understood that Ahenkli is given permission to use any or all recorded or photographic materials for advertising, display or other relevant marketing, unless you specify otherwise upon booking.

20. Copyright: Ahenkli’s photography, videos , website / social media content and any other promotional materials can not be used by other companies for the benefit of their business purposes.

21. Misbehaviour or abuse against staff or damage any equipment during work is taken seriously and Ahenkli reserve the right to stop work in this scenario with no liability. The client will be liable to all damages and costs incurred.

22. Your privacy is important. Your personal details will not be made available or sold to other companies. Ahenkli is compliant with the requirements of GDPR.

23. Please be advised that at the time of booking our services, you provide Ahenkli with your itinerary for the day which will include the specific time(s) you require Ahenkli's services. Ahenkli will hold a slot for no more than thirty minutes from the confirmed time of performance (for a single booking). Lateness or delays caused by the client which exceed the thirty minute slot may be subject to additional charges and/or a loss of deposit and/ or Ahenkli not being able to perform for your event. Clients are advised to be transparent, realistic and time conscious on their preferred performance times in order to avoid disappointment. 

24. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Ahenkli  reserves the right to allocate musicians from the Ahenkli team to each booked event in line with the specific booking and therefore cannot guarantee or be held liable for a specific musician to be providing a specific service. 

25. Please be advised that if a service is booked for an international event, Ahenkli will comply with all the necessary border conditions and apply for all the necessary visas prior to entry to the relevant country. However, Ahenkli will not be liable or responsible in the event of an unfortunate circumstance where the team or individual(s) are declined entry by the border agency upon arrival as this will be outside of Ahenkli's control. On this basis, if Ahenkli is unable to provide the agreed services then the client will lose any monies paid (including expenses). It is highly recommended that clients take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover them for their event.

26. As stipulated in the agreement for Ahenkli's performance, any funds (tips) presented or displayed during the performance are to be remitted to Ahenkli. Please note that these funds do not contribute towards any outstanding balance.

Additional Conditions in light of COVID-19


As it stands, we are happy to transfer your deposit/s to a new date in the following year (at the same venue) subject to our availability. In the instance of non-availability, unfortunately, your deposit will be non-refundable if already booked. You may only transfer / postpone your date once.

In the event that you have been unable to reschedule your event, an indefinite credit note will be awarded. This credit note is non-transferable and will only apply to the booked client. 

We strongly advise that you consult with ALL your suppliers in the unfortunate case of rescheduling your date (due to COVID-19 or similar public health outbreaks) in respect of checking availability.

In the unfortunate scenario of any of our team members falling ill to COVID-19 or similar illnesses. You will have the right to exercise point 17.

We thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any concerns or questions please get in touch.